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Razib Khan's Unsupervised Learning

Mar 26, 2021

Nick Patterson is a computational biologist at the Broad Institute. A collaborator with David Reich for nearly 20 years, Nick has traversed the world of genetics from its medical domain to the realm of anthropology and ancient DNA.

But before he was a geneticist Nick had varied lives, including a stint with the British...

Mar 18, 2021

Normally I post a photograph of the guest for the podcast. But in the case of Matt Ridley, I am making an exception. Rather, I’m highlighting his 1999 book, Genome: The autobiography of a species in 23 chaptersThis book is incredibly influential for the generation of genomicists who came of age in the 21st century....

Mar 12, 2021

Lee Jussim is a social psychologist at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Known outside of his field as a major critic of stereotype threat, Lee is involved in online science communication and the replication crisis. A major internal critical of his own field, Lee and I discuss:

- His experience after Hurricane Sandy


Mar 5, 2021

Cathy Young is a writer who contributes to ReasonNewsday, and Arc Digital. Born in the Soviet Union, she immigrated to the United States as a teen in the 1980s. Young is the author of Growing Up in Moscow: Memories of a Soviet Girlhood and Ceasefire!: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality.